Making kerala web hosting history.

We are sure our resellers are very happy as they are earning sufficient amount of money by just spending a nominal charge of Rs.1800 or 4500. All of our reseller hosting accounts are come up with unlimited domain setup. You can split the server space allocated as you wish. There is no any kind of limitation. But we are not providing unlimited server space. Have a llok at our blog entry on the same subject for more details.

I changed to new hosting account. But my websites not reflect that change? (Or Websites are not getting)

If you changed your hosting to new server, sometimes your websites not reflect this change or it may disappeared. Why does it happened so?

Reason is “DNS Propagation”. What is DNS propagation?

Before understanding DNS propagation, you must first know a little about how DNS works. When your sites hosted on a server, hosting provider (here, we) create a Master DNS record in their Domain Name Servers. Your domain registrar (the company you paid for the honor of owning your domain name) points to your web host’s DNS server as being the master authority of your domain.