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Happy News!

As a leading web Hosting Kerala Provider, Bharathnet.com decided to offer a huge discount on Reseller plans. Hosting is not jsut a business of server space and bandwidth. Now it is exactly a business evolve around security and support. Without losing this concept, we would like to offer 50% discounts on our multidomain and reseller hosting plans.

If you are ready to take our server packages of 100GB for 3 years, we will grand you half of the cost as discount. Please use the code “halfBEAT” while you order online.

BharathNet.com now hosts more than 55,000 websites that distributed among thousands of resellers all over the world. All of our reseller and shared hosting is powered by high speed deicated server that managed from Kochi based server administrators.

Now web hosting in Kerala surely follow us…. You can hear more followup offers from other server providers soon. But then what will be the next BharathNet offe? Wait and see…

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Start your own web designing company

Website designing is now an important part of every business. It is not just a url shown in your business cards or brochures. Nowadays, Internet usage increased dramatically especially with the popularity of smart phones and tablets. Everyone rely on internet or googling for finding services and goods. So appearing in front of a consumer as a website is an essential part of every business.

You can explore this opportunity if you have creative designing skills. Mastering photoshop and  dreamweaver help you to design professional websites. Knowledge of CSS and java scripts will help you to achieve more business. But only with your web designing skill, you cannot grow and become a profitable web designing firm. At least following things you need for your success as web master.

1) Good Office atmosphere:

Office location and atmosphere is important. A good location where clients can easily reach you is important. The right calm atmosphere is necessary for inspire your creativity.

2) Efficient Marketing staff:

Opportunity of web designing attracted a lot of people to this field. There are so many web designing firms emerges day  by day. There comes the importance of marketing team. If you have well trained marketing team, you will get more web development projects.

3) Best Domain registration and Hosting Provider:

Just find a client and design a website for his firm never complete without domain registration and hosting. You can see web hosting advertisements everywhere… in newspapers.. in internet… in hoardings and posters in your city. But selecting a good hosting company is crucial one. Because reliability and security of web server determine the life span of every website.

You dont have to purchase separate space for each and every websites you are designing. Because it costs you a huge amount of money. Find a good reseller hosting provider and sign up with them. Reseller hosting allows you to host all your clients’ website and give separate control panel for your clients if you wish.

BharathNet.com provides high quality web hosting solutions for web designers since 2002. Have a look at the video explaining the difference between normal web hosting account and reseller server hosting.

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Reseller Hosting vs Multiple domain Hosting

Some people believe that both reseller web hosting and multiple domain hosting are different term for same concept. But  it is not correct. Both terms are indicating different hosting concepts. Multiple domain setup means a user can create hosting account for so many domains. Users can add or delete domains in their control panel. They are able to manage emails, mysql databases etc. But all these accounts keep in a single account. He cannot resell the space to his clients. This is suitable for freelance webdesigners to manage their clients’ websites in single account and save cost.

But  reseller hosting is a different term. In this kind of service, a user can setup multiple websites in his allotted space and assign a separate users for each account.  In other words, reseller hosting allows a reseller to create, edit and even terminate a user account. The end user will also get his own control panel to manage his website. But in multiple domain hosting, there is no such option to assign an individual as the user of a particular domain.

In multiple domain hosting, user cannot sell his allotted space to new client for his website. Because there is only one control panel (Eg: WHM CPANEL) for administering all accounts. If we gave this login details to our client, other websites surely under the security risk. But in reseller hosting, we can split the entire space and sell to third parties.  Then your client can manage their email accounts and see statistics of his website visitors etc.. As each account cannot invade  into other’s account, it is not insecure. This is suitable for professional web designing agencies or web hosting companies.

In short, if you are going to manage all your clients’ websites, multiple domain hosting is a good choice. But if you are reselling space and want to give separate control panel for your clients, then Reseller Hosting will help you.

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How can identify a bad hosting team?

Find bad hosting keralaTo find a good web hosting company is actually a matter of experience. Experience is the Teacher. But I am sure this teacher comes late. Identifying bad hosting companies help us to find good service provider in another way. Here I am going to list out some characteristics of bad server provider.

1) Lack of contact details
Website has lot of offers! Pages are loaded with explanation of their great services. But when clicking on their contact page, you get only a contact form. No address! No Phone number! Sure, such website never be a platform for good hosting providers. Beware! Run away from them.

2) Email response
Just send an email to their official sales/support team asking new offers. If their reply doesn’t reach your mail box within at least 2hr, pls dont stick with them. They are not able to handle clients in proper way. Sometimes they lack sufficient staff to serve you.

3) Search their company reviews
Thanks for the open environment of internet! You can search with their company name in internet for reviews and commends on their hosting services. But dont trust on all views. Some competitive companies may reviewed such server providers negatively only with the intention of taring them and mislead the reader to their website. However you will get an overall idea while watching all the reviews.

4) Offer blunder and gimmicks
Unlimited space at just Rs.500! Unlimited domain registration at just Rs.2500! Free search engine listing for life! These are the some offers I noticed in some hosting websites. We must remember the fact that 1Kg rice costs Rs.20 -30. If someone come to us and offer 1000Kg at just Rs.50, do you believe him. This is common sense. Use your common sense while you search for a good hosting company. Professional web hosting firms never try to attract clients by lying.

Above mentioned tips are not covering all aspects of identifying a bad service provider. But these points are basic methods to find out the nature of company before getting signed up with them.

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.com domain Rs.300. Mega Hosting offer

Starting from the 8th of March, 2010, you can avail of .COM Domains @ Rs.299 only! This promo is your chance to get the most popular TLD at the best prices possible till the 31st of March, 2010! If you need web hosting also, just pay Rs.250 for 10MB Space. This offer is available in between 8th March and 31st March 2010.

With a registry price hike in July this year, this promo will also prove to be the best time to register .COM Domains before they become even more expensive.

So Why You wait. Log on to BharathNet.com and grab this offer today!

Promo Details:

This .com domain registration Promo is applicable to the first year of Registration only.
Renewals and Transfer-Ins of .com domains will not attract this Promo Pricing.
There are no restrictions on the number of .com Domains that can be registered during this period.
Promo ends on the 31st of March, 2010.

For further clarifications, call Mr.Asker on his mobile number 9387280643

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Web designing from Kochi


People watching our website www.bharathnet.com, asked many times why dont we show details on web designing service. Question is just a normal doubt arise in their minds naturally. Actually bharathnet.com was just a web hosting and domain registration service provider in the begining. But we are forced to accept web development project at that time and handled such request with the help of third parties in Kochi. Services they offered for our clients are said to be an average professionalism. When compare to our low cost web hosting products, web designing charges are severe high.

Then we take a next step. We started to develop websites for our clients and charged a reasonable rate. In the past our clients need to pay the designers charges and our commission. But now costs get cutt off and clients are satisfied with our rates. Here at Kochi, Kerala, bharathnet.com is now a leading website development team. We have already designed websites for individuals, organisations and business firms in Kochi and other cities in kerala. Moreover we have satisfied clients in Middle East, Australia and even African continent. All our works are economical to our clients.

But it doesnt mean we are talking about cost of a website designing. We dont want to compromise on quality and proffessionalism of a website project. Our portfolio of web designing is the prime proof for our work quality. While designing a website for you, we are considering a lot of things which will reflect the nature and result of your net presence.

web-designing-kochiWebsite designing changed so much. Old frame loaded type sites are outdated. Some flashy intro pages with skip button is now treated as time consuming one. (But still some web developers hanged on that). Full flash websites are not search engine friendly. But without losing eye catching attractive website look, we apply modern techniques in our projects. It includes CSS, XHTML etc.

If you want to start your website with professional look, we are ready to serve you better. Either a static website or dynamic one with feature loaded PHP scripts, we have a dedicated team to fullfill your dream of website presence.

Call Mr.Asker Hassan at 9387280643 or send an email to sales[at]bharathnet.com for your web designing project. [We will soon add a page on website development or start a seperate domain for the same purpose.]

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Premium eVPS Hosting from BharathNet Web Solutions

E-VPS: Premium High resource Hosting packages now from Koch, Kerala!

We are happy to announce our newly developed concept e-VPS just Launched!

What is e-VPS?


A new concept that provide more server resources than traditional VPS

Our Premium Hosting solutions with Special Cloud technology offers all of the power and stability of a VPS, but with the efficiency and usability advantages of a shared hosting environment. Our premium hosting plan “e-VPS” thus offers a better upgrade path for shared hosting users. Upgrading your hosting to our Premium Hosting (VPSe) as opposed to VPS results in less management issues, greater customer satisfaction, and less expensive.

Just because a site was receiving more traffic and consuming more resources did not change anything about the nature of the site. It certainly did not suddenly require the user to have root access or manage the server themselves. These customers, who had been very happy on their previous hosting plans, simply needed higher resource limits. With our special premium VPSe plans, you no longer need a VPS to get reliable web hosting.


Why use our e-VPS?


If you are familiar with usual shared hosting environment, you can easily manage your eVPS hosting with BharathNet.The biggest complaint we hear about VPS: it’s not automated. With our eVPS hosting, we fix all servers within a few minutes. In our eVPS plan, it run only one instance of the OS, Apache, MySQL, cron, and other software and need only one copy of all binaries and shared libraries. This greatly cuts management burden from you.


With managed VPS, you pay hundreds of Dollars for the pleasure of someone responding within the hour. VPSs each run their own operating system as well as their own instance of Apache, MySQL, cron, and other software. Each VPS also needs its own copy of all required binaries and shared libraries. It is not an easy task to manage all these things manually by customers like you. ith managed VPS, you pay hundreds of Dollars for the pleasure of someone responding within the hour. But in our eVPS (equivalent to VPS) plans you pay less than the cost of VPS. At the same time you will get all the resources just like a VPS offer.


Our Cloud system uses namespaces to create a caged file system for each user. Users are limited to files within their own Caged environment and cannot access or see files in other users’ area. Users do not have root access and they either cannot access sensitive files or, when accessed, these files are sanitized to make sure no information is disclosed unnecessarily. And global security measures we implemented also protect your hosting better than a VPS hosting


For more details and plans visit http://bharathnet.com/vps-equivalent.php


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Web Hosting Kerala New Packages

BharathNet Web Solutions, leading web server provider from Kerala plan to launch new generation hosting packages that suits the need of current web development industry. Earlier, server space of 10mb or 100mb is enough for hosting a website. But current development in web desiging requires more resources and businessmen focus on using their own branded email ids instead of Gmail, Yahoo etc.

Using gmail email account for business purpose is not good for professional companies. Especially in export/import business, it has an important role in building a brand identity.

Keeping all these things in mind, BharathNet created Mega hosting packages with more resources. We will publish all new packages in our website on 31st December. It will surely an added advanatage for the web hosting Kerala users. So Stay tuned. For details call 9387280643.

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Launched Multi domain Cpanel hosting

We are happy to announce we started multiple domain hosting with Unlimited disk space and Unlimited bandwidth. Now you can manage all your hosting accounts in one single multidomain web hosting package. You dont need to make payment for each and every website you developed for your clients.

Before we offered multiple domain setup only under reseller hosting plans. Reseller hosting is only suitable for those who resell their allotted space to third parties. Their end users will get their own hosting panel.

Multi domain server packages is  suitable for web designers and developers where they manage all of their clients’ accounts. If you are not interested in reselling server resources, this plan is better than reseller hosting.  See http://bharathnet.com/blog/reseller-hosting-vs-multiple-domain-hosting/ to get clear idea.

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Server upgraded for better hosting experience


web hosting kochi kerala

Web hosting Kochi. Reseller Hosting Kerala

Well the final dns changes have been made and it looks like everything is going well at BharathNet.com, a Kochi based Kerala web hosting company. We’ve been working hard to ensure each and every site and email addresses are working as before. So please, if you do find any errors in your site or are having trouble with your email be sure to let us know.  ( Please send your support request to from your email address you used to signup with us.)

In connection with the change in server, please read below information carefully and do the needful without any delay


We already changed nameservers of all domains registered under BharathNet in order to visible the contents of your website in newly deployed server. Kindly contact us for your new nameservers:

ns30.spaceresell.com and


If you registered domain with other registrar but using hosting from BharathNet, you have to manually edit nameservers to new nameservers. Some registrars has a special bulk modification menu in which you can change nameservers of multiple domains in a few clicks. If you are not know how to do this bulk modification, please file a support request along with your login credentials for domain control panel. We will do the rest.


Once again we keep our position in reseller hosting market in Kerala. It became possible after the improvements we recently made to our servers and network infrastructure. All our web hosting machines were replaced with the latest hardware available on the server market. We also upgraded and fine-tuned all network devices within the datacenters, thus allowing quiker access speed to our hosting servers. We were able to make serious investments in our infrastructure as a result of the loyalty of our customers who have used our services for years. We feel obliged to continue providing the best possible datacenter experience to our customer  world.


There is no any change in mail configuration, but depend upon your configuration in Outlook/Thunderbird, there may issues arise in receiving or sending mails.
If you are using ip address as host/server name ( ie incoming server and outgoing server ), Please replace those records with new ip address or “mail.yourdomain.com”. (Eg: If your domain is john.com, just use “mail.john.com” as mail server )

If you already configured outgoing and incoming servers as “mail.yourdomain.com”, there is no need of any alteration.


Now our old server is still live and redirects any query to new server. It is for keeping any accounts failed to update nameserver and overcome the delay in dns propagation. But old server will shut down on 4th May. In order to get benefit of this backup facility, you have to change nameservers immediately. (We hope you understand the delay in dns propagation)

Above mentioned guideline is not meant for windows hosting accounts 

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this upgrade process.

Support Wing
BharathNet Web Hosting Solutions, Kochi Kerala

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Happy news from Cochin Web Hosting team

Finally it happens!
Yes! We turned to Unlimited Hosting. We are in home work for launching Unlimited Web Hosting products especially for Indian clients. As we already stated in our blog that unlimited hosting and bandwidth are just a trick to expand customer base for newcomers in this server space business field. Then you may ask, why we initiate a violation of our blog post. Answer is simple! But needs an explanation.

Our current client base is already achieved stable state and they are satisfied by our unique products and support. But while checking recent new signup data, we found we are losing new sales only due to the current unlimited hosting trend. We studied the market based on our 10 years of web hosting and took a decision to launch unmetered space products with unlimited bandwidth. It is not just a trick to gain new clients or sales. We are not planning for survival. We are planning for an aggressive market victory over cheap hosting providers naughty games on this field.

As we mentioned in our past blog posts, for beginners it is fraud attempt to catch new sales. But well experienced server providers can handle this unlimited trend with the help of their resources and sound management process. We are now capable of handling unlimited burden on our shoulder easily.

Our unlimited web hosting plans starts at Rs.3500/year. So stay tuned for our website updation or simply call at 91 9387280643


Reseller Hosting with Unlimited domain setup

We are going to introduce Unlimited Reseller hosting with multiple domain setup. Our Cochin Web Hosting team will assist you to setup your own website to start your web hosting business.  More detals will publish soon.

Cochin Hosting Companies

It is a good news for the server resellers! Anyone can start their own server provider business with the help of our newly introduced packages. Whether you are from Cochin or not, we will assist you to setup and improve your web solution selling.

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BharathNet Web Hosting updates

As announced before, Our office has been shifted to VB Udyog building, more convenient and easily reachable area in Ernakulam. Our new address is: “BharathNet Web Hosting, FusionLabz, Ground Floor, VB Udyog Building, St. Vincent Road, Ernakulam North, Pin:682018“. We already updated googlemap in contact page located at http://www.bharathnet.com/contact_us.php.

New Logo!

BharathNet is pleased to announce the use of a new logo that reinforce our image in the web hosting industry as a truly reliable and secure team. As we celebrate our 9 years of web hosting, we are proud to unveil a logo that demonstrates a modern take on core ideas that remain rooted in excellence, stability and economical. This logo, which is at the same time simple, easy-to-read but also powerful, will enable us to improve the visibility of our hosting and domain services and provide greater impact for our messages and communications.

We are thankful to Mr.AbdulSaleem, Award winner of Kerala Fine Arts Academy (Kerala Lalitha kala Academy) for his efforts on designing our new logo in a professional way.

.IN domain Renewal offer

Renewal charge for second level .in domains (eg: website.co.in, forest.co.in) slashed to Rs.650 insteadof regular charge of Rs.750.


  • This promo is applicable only on Second Level .IN Domains only. Third level .IN Renewals are not included in this promo.
  • This Promo is applicable on every single year of Renewal.
  • Transfer-in’s of .IN and Third level .IN Domains will not attract the Promo pricing.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of Domains that can be renewed within the Promo period.
  • This promo ends on 31st of August 2011.

Thanks & Regards
Asker Hassan (Mob:9387280643, Kerala India)
Chief Communications Officer

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Marketing Executive for Reseller hosting in India

BharathNet.com, leading web hosting company in India is looking for Marketing Executives for their Reseller hosting products. Interested candidates are required to send an application along with their CV to info @ bharathnet.com. Selected candidates will get Good salary plus attractive commission per sale.

Post: Marketing Executive for Reseller hosting in India
Duties: Reach web designing and development firms and introduce our reseller hosting, Multiple domain setup hosting and domain registration services.
Minimum Qualification: Plus 2 Or Equivalent
Working time: 9:30am to 4:30pm
Basic Salary: Negotiable
Commission: 10-30% on sale

Selected candidate should pay a refundable security deposit of Rs.10000 at the time of joining.

For more details contact Mr.Asker Hassan at 9387280643

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