“Greenery of homeland” Exhibition started

N.S.Abdul Saleem, One of the eminent artist in Kochi started exhibition on his Paintings here at Mattancherry.  His exhibittion inaugerated by the C.N,  chairman of  “Kerala Lalitha kala Acdemy” at Salradigim art gallery. More news and photos will publish soon. *N.S.Saleem is our senior designer in our design lab. He is mainly concentrated in designing logos and […]

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Difference between Unlimited Hosting and Unlimited domain setup.

Unlimited hosting means you will get unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth at a fixed price for an year or a month. You can host as many files as you can. The server provider never (?) stop you from the uploading. (Pls read our post on “unlimited web hosting”).

But unlimied domain setup never means you can utilise unlimited server space and bandwidth. It means you can split the total space and host any number of domains in your hosting account. Here your allotted space will be limited to 100MB or 2GB etc.

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I uploaded my website contents. But it is not visible.???

This is for beginners.

In our linux server, your home directory contains several folders(directories). You have to upload all your public content under the folder named “public_html”.

“public_html” is the folder which is visible by your visitors. Moreover you need to name your home page “index.htm” or “index.html” in order to visible it as first page. Otherwise, your site may show list of all your uploaded files.

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