Useless SEO tactics

SEO website KochiIn the past it was easier to achieve high search engine rankings by “gaming” the system with questionable SEO tactics. But as search engines have evolved, many suspect SEO practices have been rendered useless. However, if you visit any SEO forum or upstart SEO blog, you will see many of these outdated tactics still endorsed as legitimate techniques. In an attempt to end the misinformation, below are five popular, yet outdated SEO tactics that no longer work — and some legitimate alternatives.

1. Keyword stuffing
In the late 1990s, search engines were unsophisticated. The
more frequently a keyword appeared in a page’s content, the
better it ranked. This practice of “keyword stuffing” was an easy
way to manipulate search rankings. Since then, search engines
and their algorithms have matured.
What to do instead:
Stuffing pages with keywords can have a negative impact; as
Google actively imposes penalties on gamed content. So if you
want your keywords to have maximum impact, it’s far better
(and safer) to employ legitimate SEO practices, such as:
• Creating content for people, not search engines
• Making sure keywords are present in prominent regions of
your Web page; such as headers, subheads, title tags and
meta description snippets
• Structuring a website so that important keyword pages are
high up in the site architecture and easily found by both
search engines and people

2.Blog Comment spamming
Many search marketers and webmasters still aggressively drop
links in blog comments as their primary link building strategies.
This outdated SEO tactic is better known as blog comment
spamming. To address the abuse, Google introduced nofollow
link tags (a signal to search engine spiders to ignore a link) and
is known to devalue links in blog comments.
What to do instead:
Rather than comment spam, try producing something of value.
Creating well-written, engaging and thought-provoking content
is one of the best ways to attract quality links, naturally.
Good content often generates editorial links — naturally occurring
links from other blogs and news sources that search
engines value far more than comments in blog posts.

3. Search engine submission
I’m still amazed by how many companies offer search engine
submission as a service. I’m equally amazed by how many
professional Web developers and designers still believe that
submitting to search engines is necessary. It is not. Google’s ability
to discover and index new content is so advanced that search
engine submission is obsolete. So, paying a company for a
search engine submission service is a waste of money.
What to do instead:
To ensure that your new website gets discovered quickly,
get links. This can be as quick and easy as dropping a link to
your website on a social media platform. For example, if you
have a Twitter account, tweet a link to your new website or
add it as your profile link. Twitter is crawled by search engines constantly; so a link to your new site will be discovered
quickly. To increase your chances of getting found, use a site
like, which offers the ability to post a message and
link to dozens of social media sites simultaneously.

4. Meta tag optimisation
There was a time when meta tags (snippets of information
embedded in the area of a page’s code) played a large
role in influencing search engine rankings. This was particularly
true of the “meta keywords” attribute; a common way
for site owners to reinforce terms important to their websites.
However, unscrupulous site owners and SEOs abused the
meta keywords attribute by including misleading terms entirely
unrelated to their content.
What to do instead:
These days, Google is on record as saying they pay no attention
to the meta keywords tag. So, the era of keyword stuffing
meta tags for impact is officially dead. If your objective is to optimize
a website or blog pages to rank for more keywords, try
using category and tag systems to better label and organize your
website content. Actively tagging your posts and pages is one of
the most effective ways to enhance functionality, usability and
overall “searchability.”

5.Link exchanges
Exchanging links or reciprocal linking is a popular method
of building links. Website owners exchange inbound links
with one another in an attempt to improve site rankings and
traffic. Reciprocal links in moderation are not really an issue;
as interlinking is glue that binds the Web. The trouble occurs
when website owners actively engage in link exchange
schemes to intentionally influence rankings — which Google
deems a violation.
What to do instead:
Rather than participating in link exchange schemes, offer testimonials
to business vendors you work with. Providing testimonials
is an easy way to get a link to your website in return for
writing something favorable and sincere about a vendor.
SEO, like any other industry, undergoes changes as it
evolves. Be sure to avoid the outdated techniques mentioned
here. Not only will your website suffer in rankings (to the satisfaction
of your competition), but even worse — your site
might be penalized for banned tactics.

* This article is extracted from website magazine, UK.

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How buy a domain name for your website

Like the name of your company, a domain name is what people will know you by and will use to visit your homepage. While you can always create microsites to supplement your main home page, a good domain name is very important and also makes good business sense. In India, certain sites like are today synonymous with ticketing for Indian railways and is a very good example of how a long name like the Indian Railway catering and tourism corporation limited has been abbreviated to form IRCTC.

Finding the Right domain name
Your domain name must be easy to remember. It should be consistent with your business and should not be some abstract extension of your work. Make sure it clearly sums up what your website is. Keep the term small and simple. Another important aspect is to use words that come up often in searches.
For example, words like flower, wine, movies are frequently searched and a key word having such name will put your site on top when it come to searches. If it has been already taken, then try out different variations.

Checking avilability of website name
When you decide on your domain name, there is a high probability that someone else might have bought it already. Many individuals register domain names in the hope that someone desperate enough for that domain name would cough up large sums to buy it in the future.

In case you find that your domain name has already been taken, you can get in touch with the person who has registered the name and ask him or her to sell it to you. The price for the sale will be vary wildly and the process of establishing contact tiresome. It is better, in such cases, to look for an alternate name for your domain.

Find a company to register domain name
The internet will throw up multiple sites that generate such names for decent price. Dot-com domains are the most expensive and address like .co, .in or .org tend to be cheaper. You can purchase .in domain name from at just Rs.200. A typical domain name will cost you Rs.450-750 a year to keep it registered. It does not matter in which country you are in and what currency you are dealing in, but you may want to deal with a company in case something goes wrong.

Buying website domain name
You are only buying rights to the name and you will not able to buy any of the files which makes a website yet. The domain name is generally bought for one year and renewed every year. Once you have founded your company, the domain name can be normally bought online. It will take time to register, sometimes one working day, but it generally done within few minutes at Once registered, you will get a password and login from the company which allows you to accept the site. You can now setup the home page and change it when you want to.

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Future of hosting business.

future of web hostin in keralaWeb hosting business is in a turning point where price strategies and marketing methods need dramatic change. Hosting business is old as internet invention. Before predicting the future of hosting business, I think it is better to look back its history. I would like to classify the historical time line into three major headlines. 1) Golden decade. 2) Unlimited phenomenon and 3) Suicide pricing.

Golden days of server business
Beginning period of hosting business was the golden days of this industry. At that time it was introduced only by the big multi national companies as it needs huge amount of investment and highly qualified human resource. Lack of control panels like cpanel which facilitates a reseller to start his own hosting business without raising huge fund was also the reason for that monopoly. I remember the rate for just 10mb server space cost Rs.2500 while I was in search for starting a website in 1990s. Once I registered the domain by spending 120USD. Starting a website was a status symbol of big companies. Also power players in this server business exploited the lack of awareness of the clients on the same. In India some companies offered hosting service by doing tie up with US or UK based data centers. But I cant recollect any sign of kerala based server provider at that time.

Reseller Emerging

Emerging of some user friendly server management control panels facilitated the new concept “reseller hosting” in web hosting industry. Using such control panel the root user of dedicated server can add resellers under their system and such resellers can resold their allotted space to third parties by splitting as they like. It help small companies to involve in this growing business field. In kerala, some hosting companies like and started domain registration and space selling business by purchasing reseller hosting from US and Uk based server providers. I registered from at Rs.800. They also charged Rs.750 for 10MB server space. I faced lot of issues and they were unable to handle my support request at that time only due to they were rely on the US based server providers and had no any direct role in server management. Anyway it was the growing period of hosting business in kerala. Followed by such models of, more hosting firms emerged in this field. They were get good profit by reselling hosting and domain registration services.

Unlimited bombing
In the beginning of the year 2000, a lot of hosting firms were established and struggled for their survival by reducing the charges for shared accounts. And also they were tried to attract more customers by increasing the space without rising any charge. One day it occurred! Someone, I dont remember that company name, stand up in the crowd and offered unlimited space at a few bucks! Unlimited space? Yes.. It was attracted by the people especially beginners in web designing industry. Competitors put finger in their nose. How could they offer it? It is fraud it is fraud. They alarmed loudly. Because who can offer really unlimited space at limited charge. Servers come up with 40-200gb space at that time. Then it was sure that such offers were fraud attempt. But the joke is that after some time that alarmed web providers also offered “unlimited space” and tried to compete in this business. It is because all hosting companies understood the concept of overselling. They know noone in web designing firm cant upload unlimited web content only on behalf of a single domain. An average website needs atleast 10-50mb server space. Knowing this fact every hosting firm offered unlimited web hosting within their limited resources.

But that honey moon days were remained only for some time. High traffic websites arise problems in shared hosting environment of such providers. They used up majority of cpu and memory resources and server provider put into trouble of server crash. Websites like manashosting got bad reviews due to such issues. The bad effect in such overselling trick is that if any site used more resources and bog down the server, everyone in the same server will suffer it consequences. It gradually decreases the reputation of many hosting companies. But the power players in this field survived this issue as they have lot of web servers in their hand. Small hosting business went into failure as they were unable to solve such issue with their one or 2 server.

[I just started writing of this article and need more time to finish. But I am posting this incomplete scripts in this blog only for give you an idea of the history of hosting business.]
Asker Hassan is the Senior server administrator at, a leading server provider from kochi, Kerala

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Wanted sales executive. Job opportunities in kochi, kerala.

Wanted sales executive for a leading UK based publishing company.
Good communication skill in English and basic computer knowledge are essential prerequisites. Candidates with exposure in FMCG market is highly preferred. Right candidates would be offered salary above Rs.15000 apart from petrol, mobile and out station allowances and laptop for reporting.

If interested call 9995611035 for more details.

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How can identify a bad hosting team?

Find bad hosting keralaTo find a good web hosting company is actually a matter of experience. Experience is the Teacher. But I am sure this teacher comes late. Identifying bad hosting companies help us to find good service provider in another way. Here I am going to list out some characteristics of bad server provider.

1) Lack of contact details
Website has lot of offers! Pages are loaded with explanation of their great services. But when clicking on their contact page, you get only a contact form. No address! No Phone number! Sure, such website never be a platform for good hosting providers. Beware! Run away from them.

2) Email response
Just send an email to their official sales/support team asking new offers. If their reply doesn’t reach your mail box within at least 2hr, pls dont stick with them. They are not able to handle clients in proper way. Sometimes they lack sufficient staff to serve you.

3) Search their company reviews
Thanks for the open environment of internet! You can search with their company name in internet for reviews and commends on their hosting services. But dont trust on all views. Some competitive companies may reviewed such server providers negatively only with the intention of taring them and mislead the reader to their website. However you will get an overall idea while watching all the reviews.

4) Offer blunder and gimmicks
Unlimited space at just Rs.500! Unlimited domain registration at just Rs.2500! Free search engine listing for life! These are the some offers I noticed in some hosting websites. We must remember the fact that 1Kg rice costs Rs.20 -30. If someone come to us and offer 1000Kg at just Rs.50, do you believe him. This is common sense. Use your common sense while you search for a good hosting company. Professional web hosting firms never try to attract clients by lying.

Above mentioned tips are not covering all aspects of identifying a bad service provider. But these points are basic methods to find out the nature of company before getting signed up with them.

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Free domain and hosting from Kerala

free domain free hosting from kerala, kochiGet your free domain registration offers free domain registration service with the domain! You will get your own website address like or No need of any payment. We are the authority to manage extensions. It is easily remember like just a “tik”. Premium names such as,, and is available to register for free.

Get free hosting along with domain registration., kerala based web hosting from Kochi is happy to announce that we are giving free webhosting accounts along with domain registrations. This offer come up with 100MB server space with 10GB monthly data transfer. MySql and php is available with this hosting offer. There is no any kind of forced advertisements in this free hosting service.

Only at
We are the sole distributor of “” domain names. We didn’t give any license to third party to handle “” domain service. If you want to book this extension, contact team. Call Mr.Asker at 9387280643

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Wanted web designers for kochi based hosting firm

wanted webdesigners for kochi hosting firm

Wanted web designers at kochi, leading web development and hosting firm is looking web designers with excellent graphic design skills and solid in depth knowledge on the same. Sound knowledge in Flash, HTML and CSS will be an added advanatage. This is a full-time position located at our Ernakulam office. Interested candidates should send their resume with expected salary to

We are also looking for:
PHP programmer : 1
Hosting Marketing Executives : 2

Details will publish soon.

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Best web hosting from Kerala

kerala based web hosting companyWhich is the best web hosting company in Kerala?
It is sure there is lot of web server providers in Kerala. But how many of them offer high quality hosting experience to their clients?

Since 2002, BharathNet web hosting offers high quality low cost products ands services catering the need for web development industry. Wherever Malayalee web designer or web developer exists, come at first place in their mind. We are happy to know the trends we set against unlimited fraud hosting is now imitates by eminent server providers in kerala.

During 2005s there was a tendency of offering unmetered space at fixed cost. Some Banglore based companies tried to get more clients and now we cant see where they exists. Some competitive hosting firms blamed us that we dont offer such no-limit service. We already posted 2 article on this same blog against unlimited web hosting fraud.

We didnt introduce any retention plan to keep our customers tied up with us. But 99% of our hosting consumers rely on us for the growth of their web presence. We know success of any business mainly depend upon the support and after sale service. In even Kochi, there are lot of websites born and offered low cost web hosting. But without completing a single year, they disappeared from the same industry.

[tobe continue…]

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Work from Home! Earn Money

Another humble attempt from is going to release soon.

A happy news for everyone who wish to work from home and earn reasonable remuneration. If you are well versed in English specially in chatting, this news is for you. There is a lot of websites offer “work from  home” jobs cheat people by exploring them. But we dont offer you a quick billionaire gift. It is just a normal job with reasonable remuneration.


  1. Plus 2 or equivalent
  2. Basic computer knowledge
  3. Good English Chatting

Required facility:

  1. A computer
  2. Internet Connection

Mode of Work:

Download and install Support software from our website (address will publish soon).  Login with your allotted username and password. Accept chat request from the website visitors according to the brochure and detail files we brought to you. You have to select a comfortable time period and work from home.


Remuneration will be paid on monthly basis.

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Best and reliable web hosting from Kerala

Already two months from 2010 tree has been fell down!
Then what about web hosting industry in Kerala?
I remember a lot of sms message I got from different web hosting companies from all over kerala and sometimes from Banglore, Hyderabad etc. All sms contains huge offer on web servers at cheapest rates. (I am wondered why such messages sent out to my mobile phone as we are operating our own web servers for more than 7 years). One message offered me Unlimited Reseller hosting with Unlimited server space and bandwidth at Rs.4000/year. Oh! I wondered again on this “Unlimited fraud”. Some clients already got such messages and asked us why we didnt offer such mega hosting packages.

We already posted some article stating the exact reason for the same before. (Visit “Why we dont offer Unlimited Hosting”). Noone can offer unlimited space and monthly transfer. Because there is no any server with unlimited space. One of the former client with such unlimited scam company reported us they are giving all resources as unlimited, But their support is limited. That client now hosted more than 200 domains in our server.

People has a tendency to taste free products even it is not useful to him.Learning this psychology, such hosting companies introduce Unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth. Its a bad concept that anyone can start his own web hosting business by just with the help of a computer and internet connection. Hosting business is a serious business. Concern on security and reliability has an important role in this web service business. If you hooked with unlimited space and bandwidth, sure you will not get the same but may exploited by such fraud web hosting providers.

This article is not completed yet. Please visit later to get full story.

You can contact Mr.Asker.P.H at 9387280643 for further help on “Starting a web hosting company” in Kochi or anywhere in Kerala.

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