Difference between Unlimited Hosting and Unlimited domain setup.

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Do you know the difference between unlimited hosting and unlimited domain setup? If you are familiar with these terms, this post is not for you.

Unlimited hosting means you will get unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth at a fixed price for an year or a month. You can host as many files as you can. The server provider never (?) stop you from the uploading. (Pls read our post on “unlimited web hosting“).

But unlimied domain setup never means you can utilise unlimited server space and bandwidth. It means you can split the total space and host any number of domains in your hosting account. Here your allotted space will be limited to 100MB or 2GB etc.

BharathNet.com offer Reseller hosting with “Unlimited Domain setup”. Because it is possible and not just a trick to attract more customers. Meantime, we dont offer “unlimited hosting”. Because it is not possible to give you unlimited space at a fixed rate. Because servers are not free for us. We are paying for the same. 

If you purchase unlimited hosting from any hosting company (kerala based or not), you will soon notify the tricks behind such offer. Whenever a tolerate level of their server you breach, they will come in front of you and tell you like “you are suspended”, “You exceeded your allotted CPU”, “Your activity made problems in our server” etc.. Then they will give you a nice solution. Yes nice solution. “Get out from our server”.

Pls read our post on unlimited hosting.

Once again we are not offering  unlimited hosting, But ready to serve you by giving you  reseller hosting with unlimited domain setup. Our reseller hosting starts from Rs.1800/year. 

Pls visit our reseller section or call us 9387280643.

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