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How to Sell Web Design Services smartly?

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If you specialize in website creation and also offer web design services, it’s likely that your web design skills are top-notch. However, the challenge lies in effectively marketing and selling your web design services. After all, you’re a designer, not a salesperson.

When your livelihood depends on selling web design services, your designs transform from pure artistic endeavors into marketable products that you need to promote and deliver. This transition can be demanding for some designers, but it’s an essential shift to make in order to thrive as an independent professional.

1. Emphasize the Functionality of a Website

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While a beautifully designed website is a work of art, most businesses are primarily interested in tangible returns on investment and increased customer satisfaction. Your website should address their problems or fulfill their needs, with aesthetics as a secondary consideration.

When pitching your services to potential clients, refrain from focusing solely on the visual appeal. Instead, highlight how your web design can help them achieve their business objectives and increase profitability. Ultimately, this is what clients want to hear. Moreover, your portfolio should already reflect your design capabilities.

Here are some specific business benefits that well-designed websites offer:

  • Trackable Metrics: Websites enable you to monitor user interactions and gather valuable data.
  • Personalized Brand Image: A professional website can enhance a company’s brand identity.
  • Targeted Advertising: Websites facilitate targeted marketing strategies.
  • Improved Productivity: Websites streamline business operations.

Don’t be shy about pointing out these benefits, and using figures when at all possible. Common statistics such as the number of people online as well as the number of people using their phones to browse the internet can help you sell web design services.

Don’t hesitate to point out these advantages, and back your claims with data whenever possible. Common statistics, such as the number of online users and the prevalence of mobile web browsing, can reinforce your pitch.

Moreover, it’s crucial to clarify the cost and expected outcomes for smaller companies, as they may not have realistic expectations regarding web design expenses.

2. Maintain Authenticity

In a saturated market, setting yourself apart is vital. One effective way to do this is by remaining authentic. It means being genuine and transparent about who you are and what you offer, even when the temptation to appear larger than life is strong.

When selling web design services, aim to maintain a human touch. Communicate in the first person, be truthful about your identity and work. Potential clients should not only see your work but also connect with you.

Authenticity paves the way for building relationships with potential clients, making it easier to sell web design services without excessive effort.

3. Educate your clients

Especially if you work with small businesses or market your services in a rural area, there will probably be somewhat of a learning curve for your customers. Many business owners are not aware of what they can do with a well-designed website – but you do.

Show potential and current customers some of the things they can accomplish with a professionally built website, such as:

  • Bill payments
  • Subscription options
  • Content management
  • Sales
  • Newsletter registrations

These types of features aren’t always available in the DIY options, and many business owners aren’t educated on how they can help their business grow. In the end, it isn’t about what features you can add to the site, so don’t just rattle off a list of options. It is about how well you understand your client’s needs and can use technology to help them.

Another way to teach your clients is by comparing yourself to the competition. Although many may shy away from pointing out competitors, if you take the time to explain the differences to a potential client, it often works in your favor – especially if you are actually better. Remember, in an industry dominated by code, the competitive advantage often comes down to the relationship.

Consider educating your prospects on your your own web development process. Be sure to provide specific details and steps to show how your own process works. Consider utilizing a website planning tool to organize your pitches by including visual sitemaps allowing for prospects to see a representation of your website ideas.

4. Create Service Packages

Even though you sell web design services, most clients prefer to buy products. Therefore, one way to sell more services is to design them to look like products.

While you sell web design services, many clients prefer to purchase products. Therefore, structuring your services to resemble products can increase sales.

To transform your services into products, you need to systematize your offerings and understand the time required for specific tasks. Focus on a few services and offer them as packages. Automate wherever possible.

This approach may seem somewhat impersonal, but it benefits both you and the client. By packaging your services, you enhance efficiency, ensure consistent quality, and avoid projects that fall outside your expertise.

You can create “product” packages based on various business needs, such as e-commerce sites, portfolios, magazines, real estate, law firms, or consultancies. The key is to avoid marketing yourself as an all-in-one solution and instead specialize in a niche where you can excel.

5. Network Locally

Effective networking is about more than delivering a compelling elevator pitch. To sell web design services successfully, it’s crucial to understand your clients’ needs and build relationships.

When seeking new clients, focus on your local community. Reach out to local businesses via email to introduce yourself and your services. Join local business associations and, if possible, offer your services pro bono. These efforts will help establish connections with individuals in need of your services, and even if they don’t hire you, they might know someone who will.

For effective strategies in selling web design services, steer away from traditional methods like mass emails, cold calls, or advertisements. Building relationships that lead to long-term clients requires a more personal approach.

6. Offer more than web designing

Even if your primary focus is web design, consider providing additional services that complement your web design services. You don’t have to handle these services personally; you can collaborate with trusted agencies and freelancers and offer them as part of your web design packages.

Valuable add-on services for web design include:

  • Social media profile creation
  • Website management and hosting
  • Website customer service
  • Internet marketing services
  • Graphic design
  • SAAS consulting

Any of these value-added services will show potential clients that you care about the success of their businesses – even if you’re only creating the website.

Before you start selling

Before embarking on the journey of selling web design services, ensure you have a robust portfolio showcasing your skills. This should include your own website and, if possible, case studies to provide evidence of your expertise. Once you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy designer, you’ll need high-quality examples to validate your clients’ decision to work with you.

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