Making kerala web hosting history.

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At this moment, we extremely happy to share our business success in hosting service.  Before 6 years, started its website solutions without maintain our own server. We took reseller accounts from the dedicated server owners and split the space and sell mainly among malayalees.  we served malayalees globally as we got business from all of the major countries.

But sometimes, our reseller hosting account not works properly. We called the service providers and not get immediate attention on our support tickets. It is the reason we are forced to start our own dedicated server and do the hosting business in kerala. On 2004 we took our own dedicated server and started both normal hosting account and reseller account.

We are sure our resellers are very happy as they are earning sufficient amount of money by just spending a nominal charge of Rs.1800 or 4500. All of our reseller hosting accounts are come up with unlimited domain setup. You can split the server space allocated as you wish. There is no any kind of limitation. But we are not providing unlimited server space. Have a llok at our blog entry on the same subject for more details.

Web designing companies attracted by our server plans and our business improved very well. Now we have a lot of resellers and end user clients from Kerala, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka etc. And also malayalees from gulf countries like  Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai developing countries like Singapore, USA, Australia are enjoying our web hosting service.

In this happiest moments, we are planning to launch more convenient and useful web hosting packages which make your website designing work a great company.

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