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web hosting keralaSome of our clients asked about the “unlimited hosting” offers of other web hosting companies. And they are so curious to know whether bharathnet.com provide unlimited webspace and bandwidth or not.

Honestly say, we don’t offer unlimited web hosting as it is not possible. Because resources are limited. Nothing is unlimited in this world. We have no unlimited servers or bandwidth. Then ho we can offer unlimited webhosting?

Unlimited web hosting offers are some kind of fraud. Such companies offers that package by hoping you will not use more than”really allotted space”. They just overselling the space. Whenever a critical stage appear, they will vanish from the clients.

Please dont believe in unlimited hosting. Because no business with sufficient profit will go further. Hosting is not only a matter of Server and bandwidth. A good web hosting company never means “server + Bandwidth”. Human resource for support and operating servers is an important factor. We cant hire good people to work with a hosting company at low cost. We have to pay them for their work according to their standards. Then how we can offer unlimited hosting.

And noone can offer unlimited hosting. But anyone can argue he can offer unlimited web space. Please also read our post on unlimited domain setup

Web Hosting kerala

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  1. In kerala, there is a lot of companies offering web hosting. But all of them are just a resellers of US based hosting companies. However they offer unlimited web space offer to kerala people. Thank you for posting the fact about unlimited web space truth.

    Kerala Hosting seeker

  2. Hello guys, do u know spaceresell.com. It is one of the best hosting companies of the world. Now they are offering a price-off and I wanna let you know.

    The expert hosting plan:
    Unlimited Domains
    Unlimited Transfer
    Unlimited Web Space
    1 Free Domain Regs
    1 Dedicated IPs
    Ecommerce Ready
    MySQL, PHP, PERL, ASP, Python, JSP, and Ruby on Rails.

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