Reseller Hosting vs Multiple domain Hosting

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Some people believe that both reseller web hosting and multiple domain hosting are different term for same concept. But  it is not correct. Both terms are indicating different hosting concepts. Multiple domain setup means a user can create hosting account for so many domains. Users can add or delete domains in their control panel. They are able to manage emails, mysql databases etc. But all these accounts keep in a single account. He cannot resell the space to his clients. This is suitable for freelance webdesigners to manage their clients’ websites in single account and save cost.

But  reseller hosting is a different term. In this kind of service, a user can setup multiple websites in his allotted space and assign a separate users for each account.  In other words, reseller hosting allows a reseller to create, edit and even terminate a user account. The end user will also get his own control panel to manage his website. But in multiple domain hosting, there is no such option to assign an individual as the user of a particular domain.

In multiple domain hosting, user cannot sell his allotted space to new client for his website. Because there is only one control panel (Eg: WHM CPANEL) for administering all accounts. If we gave this login details to our client, other websites surely under the security risk. But in reseller hosting, we can split the entire space and sell to third parties.  Then your client can manage their email accounts and see statistics of his website visitors etc.. As each account cannot invade  into other’s account, it is not insecure. This is suitable for professional web designing agencies or web hosting companies.

In short, if you are going to manage all your clients’ websites, multiple domain hosting is a good choice. But if you are reselling space and want to give separate control panel for your clients, then Reseller Hosting will help you.