Web Hosting joke from a Kerala hosting Reseller

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As you know, this blog for kerala web hosting is rich with serious hosting articles and tutorials. But, Today I am going to share an experience of one of our reseller Mr.Jayaraj from Calicut. (Name mentioned here is not exact one. Because, most of our clients are not ready to reveal that their actual web server provider is bharathnet.com. See “reseller hosting” page for our reseller hosting packages). He had 5 gb server with more than 50 domains hosted.

One day a new customer called him for purchasing a website. He quoted Rs.500 for domain and 200 for 10mb server space. (Wow? How? BharathNet sells 10mb at Rs.300, then how could a reseller sell the same at Rs.200. It is simple, see our reseller hosting section and calculate how many 10mbs can he create. ). Hearing this price customer paused for a while. Then ask him “any discount?”

“Sorry”, he replied “we dont believe in discounts.”

“OK, OK, Then I dont need domain, I need only 10mb space. I will adjust with the space” Customer replied immediately.

How does this story become a joke?
The customer asked him server space only in a manner that Someone at restaurant asked for a “Vada” but dont want a tea. (But How a domain visible without registering it even it hosted in high quality server)

Are you laughing at this “joke” or laughing at “me”