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e-VPS Hosting is the future

Forget those expensive VPS era!

Our Premium Hosting solutions with Special Cloud technology offers all of the power and stability of a VPS, but with the efficiency and usability advantages of a shared hosting environment. Our premium hosting plan "e-VPS" thus offers a better upgrade path for shared hosting users. Upgrading your hosting to our Premium Hosting (VPSe) as opposed to VPS results in less management issues, greater customer satisfaction, and less expensive.

Just because a site was receiving more traffic and consuming more resources did not change anything about the nature of the site. It certainly did not suddenly require the user to have root access or manage the server themselves. These customers, who had been very happy on their previous hosting plans, simply needed higher resource limits. With our special premium VPSe plans, you no longer need a VPS to get reliable web hosting.

Why our Premium (e VPS) better than traditional VPS?

Less management effort

If you are familiar with usual shared hosting environment, you can easily manage your eVPS hosting with BharathNet.The biggest complaint we hear about VPS: it's not automated. With our eVPS hosting, we fix all servers within a few minutes. In our eVPS plan, it run only one instance of the OS, Apache, MySQL, cron, and other software and need only one copy of all binaries and shared libraries. This greatly cuts management burden from you.

Less Expensive

With managed VPS, you pay hundreds of Dollars for the pleasure of someone responding within the hour. VPSs each run their own operating system as well as their own instance of Apache, MySQL, cron, and other software. Each VPS also needs its own copy of all required binaries and shared libraries. It is not an easy task to manage all these things manually by customers like you. ith managed VPS, you pay hundreds of Dollars for the pleasure of someone responding within the hour. But in our eVPS (equivalent to VPS) plans you pay less than the cost of VPS. At the same time you will get all the resources just like a VPS offer.


Our Cloud system uses namespaces to create a caged file system for each user. Users are limited to files within their own Caged environment and cannot access or see files in other users' area. Users do not have root access and they either cannot access sensitive files or, when accessed, these files are sanitized to make sure no information is disclosed unnecessarily. And global security measures we implemented also protect your hosting better than a VPS hosting

VPS is fad


frequently asked

question & answers!

e-VPS simply means "equivalent to Virtual Private Server(VPS)". It is a hosting environment that shares Server's OS, PHP, Database and other binaries. When your website grow beyond a certain point, it need more server resources. Usually people opt for VPS but its actually an expensive service. Instead, you can utilise same server resources from our e-VPS (Premium hosting plans) by paying lower amount than a traditional VPS.
Traditional VPS is just a fad. The cloud system we are using in our server is the Future. If you just want more resource than a normal shared hosting, just opt for our premium hosting that we named e-VPS. You will get all resources of a regular VPS from our e-VPS plans.
You dont have to be a server administrator in order to utilise our e-VPS (Premium Hosting). Its control panel will be the same cpanel. All server administration overhead will bear by us.
Our e-VPS plans enable your server with the exact same resources you get from traditional VPS. That is why we called this premium plan e-VPS (Equivalent to VPS). Sometimes you will get more resource than VPS.
Technically say, e-VPS and VPS are different. Because VPS use separate OS, Softwares etc. But e-VPS use same OS and software in a server. But in practical sense, both VPS and e-VPS get same server resources, sometimes e-VPS come up with more resouces than VPS. VPS is only beneficial if you wish to use customised OS or server libraries. But for most customers, it is not the case. By creating plans with higher resource limits, we can provide VPS-level resources and security in a shared hosting environment. For many users, this is the optimal setup — high resources, no interference from other accounts, and high security, but without the responsibility of managing the server.